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    Where is Sharon Art Stu­dio located?

    The Stu­dio is located in Golden Gate Park at 300 Bowl­ing Green Drive between Kennedy Drive and Mar­tin Luther King Drive in San Fran­cisco. For a map and direc­tions to the stu­dio, visit the con­tacts page here.

    Why is there a dif­fer­ent mail­ing address?

    Our mail is deliv­ered to a P.O. Box in the nearby Sun­set Dis­trict at 1032 Irv­ing Street #502, San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia 94122. No mail is deliv­ered to the Stu­dio in the park.

    How do I reg­is­ter for courses?

    All Sharon Art Stu­dio Pro­grams (includ­ing courses listed on our web­site for " (an account for indi­vid­u­als and/or sin­gle users). After you福彩下载官网下载安装 set up an SFRPD Fam­ily Account, you福彩下载官网下载安装 can reg­is­ter for classes at dur­ing open enroll­ment peri­ods. You must also have a Fam­ily Account to acti­vate the Stu­dio FOSAS membership.

    When can I register?

    Stu­dents can reg­is­ter dur­ing open enroll­ment peri­ods. Enroll­ment peri­ods occur dur­ing spe­cific dates (roughly a month before each ses­sion begins), and are on-going. The stu­dio holds pri­or­ity reg­is­tra­tion open enroll­ment for FOSAS mem­bers a week in advance of open enroll­ment for the gen­eral pub­lic. Check www. to see upcom­ing enroll­ment dates.

    But how can I get into the class that I want?

    Due to demand for classes and to build our Stu­dio com­mu­nity, through the Studio’s non-profit affil­i­ate, FOSAS, you福彩下载官网下载安装 could obtain mem­ber­ships. FOSAS mem­ber­ship enti­tles you福彩下载官网下载安装 to reg­is­ter dur­ing a pri­or­ity reg­is­tra­tion period (a week before gen­eral enroll­ment begins). You also receive dis­counts at part­ner­ing art sup­ply stores, $10 off any adult class or work­shop, mem­ber­ship updates, and a copy of our brochure deliv­ered to you福彩下载官网下载安装r 福彩下载官网下载安装 each session.

    What do I need to know or bring to class? Can I take classes even if I never have taken many art classes or am new to the medium?

    Sharon Art Stu­dio is a com­mu­nity art facil­ity and we wel­come every­one from begin­ners to advanced stu­dents. Some classes require stu­dents to pur­chase in advance and other classes pro­vide all mate­ri­als. Course details and mate­r­ial lists for each ses­sion are detailed in our class list­ings on the web and in our brochure.

    Is there finan­cial aid?

    Yes, both SFRPD and FOSAS offer finan­cial aid. Schol­ar­ship appli­ca­tions for SFRPD can be found and FOSAS here. SFRPD funds either 50% or 25% of tuition upfront. Once you福彩下载官网下载安装 are enrolled in a class, FOSAS schol­ar­ships will aug­ment and reim­burse a por­tion of the cost of the class if you福彩下载官网下载安装 qual­ify. You must first cre­ate a Fam­ily Account for con­sid­er­a­tion of finan­cial aid.

    How can I help the Stu­dio in other ways?

    There are a myr­iad of ways to help Sharon Art Stu­dio through vol­un­teer­ing through FOSAS to help every­day oper­a­tions in the office, at events, or through­out the Stu­dio. We need vol­un­teers of all ages, from you福彩下载官网下载安装th to seniors! Just con­tact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a vol­un­teer appli­ca­tion. You could also help keep the Stu­dio a vital and impor­tant com­mu­nity asset through a dona­tion to FOSAS. More infor­ma­tion on how to give could be found here or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Thank you福彩下载官网下载安装 for you福彩下载官网下载安装r inter­est, and see you福彩下载官网下载安装 at the Studio!