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    WINTER 2020


    For currently enrolled Sharon Art Studio ceramic students who want more, we offer Ceramics Open Studio! There is no instruction given during Open Studio. Students can practice wheel throwing, hand-building, and glaze or trim their pieces.All firing is done by instructors without a separate fee. 

    Ceramics Open Studio is only available to Sharon Art Studio students concurrently enrolled in a ceramics class. All tickets can be purchased at the front desk.  

    Options for Open Studio usage: 1) Register online for 1-hour or 2-hour slots 2) Purchase drop-in tickets 3) Purchase unlimited tickets**

    *Drop-in tickets for Open Studio are for sale at Sharon Art Studio’s front desk. Tickets are sold in 12 ticket booklets for $48. Each ticket is worth one hour of studio time. Tickets are non-refundable and valid for one year for registered students. Individual Drop In tickets may also be purchased: Drop in fee is $4 per hour and can be paid at the front desk. Unlimited Open Studio is $150 for students to attend any Open Studio hours available. Students must be currently registered a Sharon Art Studio ceramics class to attend. If not currently registered, you福彩下载官网下载安装 will be automatically dropped from Open Studio registration, and a processing fee will be applied to you福彩下载官网下载安装r SFRPD account.

    Read further details & descriptions for each course and register online at:  or call 415-831-6800




    Elizabeth Liu 23843 Mon 1:15-3:15pm 1/6-3/2
    Geoff Scott 23844 Tue 1:15-3:15pm 1/7-3/3
    Yuko Sato 23845 Wed 1:15-3:15pm 1/8-3/4
    Katina Price 23846 Thu 10am-12pm 1/9-3/5
    Susan Gold 23847 Thu 12-2pm 1/9-3/5
    Yuko Sato 23848 Thu 5-6pm 1/9-3/5
    Elizabeth Liu 23849 Fri 1:15-3:15pm 1/10-3/6


    Due to limited space and overcrowding in the Ceramics Studio, students may drop in for ceramics on weekends if space allows. Drop in fee is $4 per hour and can be paid at the front desk prior to beginning you福彩下载官网下载安装r work.

    Karen Koltonow 23850 Sat 12:30-2:30pm 1/4-2/29
    Karen Koltonow 23851 Sat 2:30-4:30pm 1/4-2/29
    Elizabeth Liu 23852 Sun 12:30-2:30pm 1/5-3/1
    Elizabeth Liu 23853 Sun 2:30-4:30pm 1/5-3/1