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    "Studio Highlight: Jewelry & Metal Arts"

    by Olivia Competente & Marilyn Letchworth


    View/Download the PDF of the article here.



    "You're Never Too Old to Learn How to Draw"

    by Lucy Wells

    The following piece was submitted by Lucy Wells, and it is quite inspiring! The title says it all: "You're Never Too Old to Learn How to Draw." Don't think you福彩下载官网下载安装 can draw? Start small, perhaps check out this article and begin with something fun, like drawing a cat! Check out simple online tutorials like this one:  (from the popular site easydrawingguides.com) to start practicing, then consider taking a workshop or class to start refining you福彩下载官网下载安装r skills! 

    View/Download the article here or read below:

    you福彩下载官网下载安装renevertooold lucywellsarticleSU18


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    Studio Highlight: Jewelry & Metal Arts by Olivia Competente & Marilyn Letchworth 

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    "In Rememberance: Madeleine Fu" by Matthew Burns

    "In Rememberance: Vesta Kirby" by Matthew Burns 

    "Serial Artist" by Susan Gold

    "Everyone Can Draw" by Dawood Marion

    "Fun with Line" by Virginia Banta